What Is the Westernmost Asian Capital City?

The westernmost Asian capital city is more to the west than several capitals that are geographically in Europe.

The Westernmost Asian capital city is Ankara, the capital of Turkey. It is followed by Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, and Beirut, the capital of Lebanon.

It is interesting that these cities are also in the list of the oldest capitals in the world.

These three cities are marked in the interactive map below, as you see Ankara is considerably more to the west than the other two.


The longitude of the city is 32° 51′ 0″ E, or 32.85 degrees in decimal units. You can compare this with the longitude of the nearby Nicosia which is in the European Union and its longitude is 33° 21′ 54″ E or 33.365.

But this is nothing when compared to longitudes of those countries in the Caucasus region that are officially in Europe, namely Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. Just inspect the map above and you will realize this.

Ankara used to be the capital of the ancient Celtic state of Galatia (280–64 BC), but this was also a Hattian, Hittite, Lydian, Phrygian, Galatian, Greek, Persian, Roman, and Byzantine city.

Currently, Ankara (or Angora) is the second largest city in Turkey with a population that is over five million people. It became the capital of the new republic in 1923, instead of Istanbul that used to be one of the capitals of the Ottoman empire.


Perhaps you did not know that Angora wool is named after this city. But the wool is obtained from several animals that include Angora goats, Angora rabbits, and Angora cats.

This is an impressive city as you can realize from this video:

As for Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, its longitude is 35.225556, and Beirut in Lebanon is just a bit more to the east with the longitude of 35.833333.

Do you know what the westernmost capital city in South America is? Please follow the link to find out.

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