What Is the Hottest Capital City in the World?

When this is about the hottest capital city in the world, there are several contenders. The differences in their average yearly temperatures are so small that it is difficult to say which is the warmest.

From what I can find in various sources, in the lists of hottest capitals in the world usually the following are mentioned:

  • Khartoum, Sudan with 29.9 C (85.8 F).
  • Djibouti City, Djibouti with 29.8 C (85.6 F). But some sources also give 29.9 C (85.8 F).
  • Aden, Yemen with 29.1 C (84.4 F).
  • Niamey, Niger with 29 C (84 F). Some sources give 29.3 C (84.7 F).
  • Bangkok, Thailand with 28.6 C (83.5 F).

Note that this is about average yearly temperature and not about the highest measured temperatures. As you see the differences are practically negligible, and there may be mistakes in measurements as well and data may not be fully reliable. So this is why I think it is worth mentioning these top five here, the hottest is most likely one of them.

All these five cities are shown in the interactive Google map below. You can zoom in and out to see more:

As you realize from the map, all of them are located in a narrow latitude area in the north of equator. See the numbers: Aden (12°48′N), Bangkok (13°45′09″N), Djibouti (11°35′18″N), Khartoum (15°30′2″N), Niamey (13°30′54″N).

But some of them are deep in the continent and the climates are very different.

Khartoum: This city is the first in the list above, and it is shown in the top picture. It is in a desert climate, but as you see it is located on a river, and this is the Nile.

The hottest months here are April, May, and June, and in this period you will experience the average temperatures of 40 C (104 F).

See more about the city in this video:


Djibouti City: This is the capital that contain more than half of the population of this east-Africa country. This city is also in my list of capitals with the name the same as the name of the country.

The warmest month here is July with temperatures that regularly go above 40 °C (104 °F). In winter, the average nighttime temperature is 21 °C (70 °F) and the daytime maximum temperature is 29 °C (84 °F). 

Aden: This city is the capital of Yemen since 2015, though I have seen somewhere that this may be a temporary capital only. Maximum summer temperatures here are up to 41.1 C (106 F). Its natural harbor which you see in the picture below, is in the crater of a dormant volcano.

Aden, view from the sea.
Aden, view from the sea.

Niamey: This capital city of Niger lies deep in the continent in this land-locked sub-Saharan country. The average yearly temperature here is 29 degrees Celsius (84 Fahrenheit).

Niamey the capital of Niger.
Niamey the capital of Niger.

In this video you can see more:

Bangkok: The average temperature in this large and popular city is 28.6 C (83.5 F). So this is lower than in the other capitals listed above. But as mentioned, there are no very reliable data at a single source about all their temperatures.

Anyhow, here you have a very different climate as compared to the other cities in the list. So this is a tropical climate with a rainy summer season. The city is a famous tourist destination as you probably know.

Bangkok, Thailand.
Bangkok, Thailand.

So these are the hottest capital cities in the world, the temperatures mentioned here may not be fully reliable but most likely one if these is indeed the hottest capital on the planet.

You might want to see also my text about the coldest capital city in the world, where the average year-round temperature is 31.3 degrees Fahrenheit (-0.4 °C). Check also the text about capitals that are actually two cities.

Do you know what is the most boring big capital city in Europe? If not, follow the link to find out. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

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