We are a dynamic, vibrant and fast growing project geared towards independent peoples who seek adventure, world capitals tours, simplicity, bike touring, photography and free lifestyle. We welcome any partnership opportunity, and are flexible and friendly, so please ask!


ALLCAPITALS has wide audience of readers. Whether it’s a sponsorship, press trip, advertising space, gadget/app review, or hotel tester, no job is too big or too small. Please contact us for details. We can craft a campaign package that suits your goals and budgets while leveraging our communication media: website, social media, email newsletter, photos and video. There are a number of flexible ways you can partner with us:

Press Trips: We happily accept press and/or social media trips. We write about our experiences as well as promote them on social media.

Sponsored Content: Your brand or product receives it’s own post and coverage on social media.

Giveaways: We welcome products for giveaways or prizes for contests, and are happy to promote any travel related competitions your company may be running.

Social Media Campaigns: Extend your brand’s reach. We can promote your product/service via our social media accounts and/or blog post with a link back to your website.

Content Creation: Hire us to create unique content for your business, website or social media.

Photography: We have a passion for photography, and are open to licensing photos for your social media campaign, website or advertisement.

Site Advertising: We offer several formats: sidebar ads site-wide, footer ads site-wide or banner ads within blog posts in three month increments.

Hotel/App/Gadget Tester: Need someone with a lot of travel experience to test your new gadget, hotel or app? Hire us! We can provide you honest feedback or combine this service with any of our others!

Brand Ambassadorships: Hire us for a long-term project partnership where we work to promote your brand!

Any other ideas? Tell me what you have in mind!


Allcapitals was launched in 2016, and is growing quickly. In potential we expect:

Monthly Unique visitors: 100,000+

YouTube - 100,000+

Google+ - 100,000+

Twitter - 100,000+

Instagram - 100,000+

Facebook - 100,000+

Pinterest - 100,000+

Tumblr - 100,000+

Vkontakte - 100,000+


Ready to work together? Let’s get started! To discuss promotion opportunities with us or download our presentation, simply send an email to Marketing professionals at your disposal.

Please note that all products and services advertised must be relevant to our audience. We reserve the right to express honest opinions about sponsored products and reviews. All sponsored posts will always contain a disclosure. Unpaid marketing requests and press-releases will likely be ignored.